Sunday, 15 April 2012

asalamualaikum peoples!its been quite a while since i updated my blog.malas sikit,hihi.well,im fine,alhamdulillah:) hidung jak endak pandai berhenti mengeluarkan ingus(eww) but,im getting better now.btw,my cousin's home for the holidays.since he's here,i got a lot to ask him about,yeahh. kamu tidak rasa dunia ne makin pelik kah?baru jak tadi saya tengok berita ada budak form 1 kena tikam accidently.sebab pelaku dia tersalah aim.people these days are getting they have anything else to do rather than killing people?so stupid! i  really have no idea whats going on in their mind.forgt about that,mekong sudah ne.mau keluar sudah asap dari telinga sama hidung ne.haha.well,i kindda suck in chemistry now.but now im starting to like physics.tiada pendirian ne,suckkerr! hahaha!

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