Friday, 17 February 2012

hello blog!its been a long time since i visited you.and here i am writing on you :) its been quite a boring week for me.nothing special happened.well,i got to know HE is now with a girlyeah,he's got a girlfriend.disappointing :( nut i still got my sayang-sayang gundut <3 i am starting to fully hate physics and add-maths!but i fell head over heels to the adorably cute chemistry~i went to a SUPERBB english tuition class today.the teacher talks just like aunty belle,a want to speak as fluent english as her,someday...i know i can do it if i try rite? ") so,it doesn;t hurt to try,no. not hurt,maybe kill would be better~
starting to fall in love with 1D~! they are just super awesomely cute!

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