Tuesday, 10 January 2012


i had this fight with my friend.not like fight (punching each other on the face)!but facebook anger.dont quite understand why shes mad.but,, im trying to chill .. my cousin from Perak is coming home today.its been a long since i met her.well , im looking forward on meeting her in future occasions :) its been a tough week,catching with chemistry and physics is RRREALLY hard! KILLING HARD!! and our class got this SHITTING Bm teacher! Bahhh,as if i care! i want a better teacher,i can die if i have to cope with THISS teacher! Someone send me a fairy godmother!anyone?? *ignored*
i dont care if someone hates me,as long as i have a happy tummy,friends to laugh with,and .... ahhhh? what else?
hahaha, i think im insane!somebody save me! ahahaha :DD

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